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Secure payments

Q-dance Australia merchandise store – secure payments


You can pay for your orders via credit card (Visa and MasterCard). You can safely enter your credit card details through our secured SSL procedure. Together with your credit card company, we see to it the payment is settled correctly.


We implement the following security measures and safety checks during your check-out process to ensure the rightful owner of the credit card is identified:

Address Verification System (AVS)
Used to verify the address of a person claiming to own a credit card. The system verifies that the billing address of the card provided by the user matches the address on file at the credit card company.

A security feature for card-not-present transactions that helps prevent fraud. The code is often found on the reverse side of the card for Visa and MasterCard.

International cards
All orders made with International credit cards are automatically cancelled. Orders can only be made using an Australian or New Zealand credit card.